Guargum Powder

GUARGUM POWDERWe are one of the best manufactures,  Exporter and suppliers of Guar Gum Powder in reasonable rate of price. These Guar Gum Thickeners are highly used in the industry of textile. It is specially manufactured as per requirement of usage in polyester and cotton cloth. As a stabilizer, thickener and suspending agent Guar Gum can also be used in industrial applications and preparations.

We manufacture  Guar Gum powder with a viscosity range from 2500 CPS to 9000 CPS with particle size of 100 Mesh to 300 Mesh and De-polymerized Guar with viscosity ranging from 50 CPS to 1,000 CPS .We also manufacture modified Guar Gum products that include oxidized, carboxymethylated, borated and Zero Viscosity.